Looking for a “blue” one stop shop? Jobs, growth opportunities, and so much more are collected in a simple and user friendly format to help YOU find yourself amidst the overwhelming chaos of the internet. In addition to the website and the blog, a weekly newsletter will reach your doorstep with the latest job postings and opportunities. Great initiative, great team!

There is finally a job platform specialised in marine sciences! It´s very useful for recent graduate students looking for the first job.

Blue-jobs promete ser una de las herramientas mas útiles para el nuevo talento azul.

I love the platform. It’s very useful to find jobs in the marine biology field around the world!

One of the things I enjoy the most about this site is that it only posts paid positions. The number of unpaid internship positions I’ve seen on other sites, with lists of responsibilities better suited for full-time employment, is astonishing. I appreciate that aspect of Blue-jobs immensely.