Blue-jobs provides a solution to the need for a job search platform specialised in the marine and maritime sectors.


We offer the largest job database in the blue sectors to increase the visibility of marine careers and to facilitate the search of specialised jobs in Europe


Our aim is to become the ‘go to’ job search platform specialising in the marine and maritime sectors, connecting hundreds of job seekers and employers


As oceanographers, we support sustainable blue jobs and environmentally-friendly sectors in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for marine scientists, oceanographers, marine biologists, enviromentalists and experts on the marine environment to face challenges such as climate change impacts and environmental degradation, and to manage marine resources in a sustainable way. It’s time now to start your job search and boost your blue career!

What do we offer?

Our motivation is to increase the visibility of marine careers by creating hundreds of opportunities for job seekers:

Blue-jobs database

Find your ideal job using a database with hundreds of job ads. Search jobs by blue sector, level of experience, country and type of organisation, all in one single platform.

Career guidance

Are you a graduate student in marine sciences and want to find your first job? Are you looking for a new start? We can help you to find your dream job.

Knowledge is power

We keep up-to-date with the latest news on the marine environment and tips to move towards successful blue career.

Our commitments